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The DM Game-changer is designed to help a horse with collection and drive by working off of the nose, poll, and in front of the ears. unlike a traditional tie down, a horse will not hunt for this once it is removed.The Game Changer is a combination tiedown and headsetter made into one very useful piece of tack that your horse will understand and respond to. When adjusted correctly, it applies pressure to your horse’s head and nose, only when your horse hollows out its back and raises its head. When your horse gets out of position the tie down strap applies pressure to its nose, poll and forehead. At the moment your horse gives to the pressure, the tie down strap instantly becomes loose again and the pressure is released.

Besides the adjustment holes in the cheek pieces there is only one simple adjustment on the Game Changer; the adjustment holes in the tiedown strap. The tie down strap should always be adjusted so the headsetter doesn’t apply pressure on your horse’s head unless its gets out of position. The majority of horses ridden in the Game Changer respond to it quickly and easily. It can give your horse more confidence in it’s maneuvers and really make a difference in your horse’s ability to perform successfully.

The Game Changer was not designed as a training tool to teach collection.

The Game Changer should be adjusted loosely when initially used on your horse. Be sure to let your horse know the Game Changer is attached by pulling the reins back and to both sides from the ground. Assistance from a professional is necessary to learn safe use of any headsetter or tiedown, including the Game Changer. If you’re not familiar with the proper use of the Game Changer, get the help of a professional trainer who is experienced with the use of headsetters.


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