Roohide Repair Shop

Roohide takes pride in breathing life into any saddle

Full Service Saddle Repair Shop

We expect our customers to use their saddles and as a saddle is used, it will have repair and maintenance needs. We have a full service saddle repair shop to meet all your repair and maintenance needs. Some of the common repairs we can help you with are:

  • Replace Stirrup leathers
  • Replace Rigging
  • Horn Repair
  • Saddle Re-fleecing
  • General Maintenance (Saddle butter, Oil, Polish, Latigo, and offside latigo replacement)

No saddle repair is too big or too small. Just ask and we will be happy to help you with all your repair needs. Call us at 877-766-4433 or email us at You can also drop your saddle off at either of our trailers at the events we attend.

Here at Roo-hide we pride ourselves on the durability of our saddles & tack, but we understand that things need a fix’n sometimes. That’s why we’re here for ya. Send it in and we’ll fix it!